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A language for defining Domain Specific Languages

June 26, 2009

I’m a bad boy. I promised to post about domain specific languages. It’s been three weeks since I posted anything at all. But it doesn’t mean that I’ve been doing nothing.

I’ve been designing a language for defining Domain Specific Languages. A Meta DSL. And I made it my first source forge project ever. It uses groovy, so I looked for a name starting with “gr”. “Grunge” was still available as a project name on source forge. So I decided to call it that. It only gives you a basic idea, but I intend to extend it.

At my office, my colleague and I did our first automated build on Bamboo of a grails project. Turned out to be very easy. You just tell Bamboo about the build.xml file generated by grails, and it will do all the work for you. Including downloading dependencies from ivy.xml. It just did not work out of the box for grails 1.1.1. Instead of finding out why, we decided to use grails 1.1 for now.

And in the meantime, my ebook reader arrived, so I did lots of reading. I ordered Unlocking Android. So you might expect some posts on that. But I’m not promising anything anymore.