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three applications making windows mobile lots cooler

May 13, 2009

Unhappy that you cannot Google Talk, AIM and Yahoo on your phone? Disappointed that you cannot play all your music files, because they are not MP3 or WMA? Luckily, people have already solved your problem.

My employer gave me this phone. It runs windows mobile. I haven’t used windows for a while. The phone is really cool.  Microsoft however still seems to thinks that the world exists entirely of their own proprietary formats. Windows Media Player still only plays MP3 and WMA. And thou shall chat only using MSN. Google Talk? AIM? Yahoo? ICQ? Skype? You must be a sinner!

I started googling, downloading and trying applications for Windows Mobile. Some of them cost money, some were real crap, but there were three free applications I really liked.

1. audio: mortplayer

mortplayer screenshotI’m spoiled. On my laptop I have the greatest audio player there is (and NO, I do definitely NOT mean iTunes). It almost plays any audio file. And, though I couldn’t find anything like it on windows mobile, I did find a very reasonable player that plays most formats. And it looks cool. It lets you choose between different skins. And you can also run it in mini mode, allowing you to operate your player from the main screen of your phone. Just google mortplayer and use one of the download links.

2. instant messaging: fring

I’m spoiled again, using pidgin for instant messaging. fring is a similar program for windows mobile. It let’s you combine all your different chat account types into one application, and theoretically it even allows you to use skype for making phone calls (but your phone company probably blocks that port). You cannot add multiple accounts of the same type (two different msn accounts for example). And it doesn’t allow you to select a nice photograph to show (which mobile live messenger does). But if you want to use multiple chat clients, the application is very useful.

3. zip: pocket rar

Unzipping files on windows mobile doesn’t seem to be a problem. Just click the file and select unzip. For reversing the process I couldn’t find any method though. And, suppose, you want to send a few photographs over bluetooth all at once. Much easier to zip the files and then send one big file eh? Pocket rar is the smaller version of WinRAR that does exactly this. It lets you browse through your directories and select files to add to your zip. It’s easy and it works.

So, my phone is still not an android, but it’s very useful to me now!